Music Production & Recording Lessons

Music Production & Recording Lessons

Learn to produce electronic music, hip-hop, or record a band

This is a great course to take online, since it is mostly computer-based!

With modern recording software we can produce any genre entirely within the computer and never have to purchase time in an expensive studio. The software has a steep learning curve, but with these lessons and my help, you will be able to play and record any instrument, produce any genre, and record an album in no time. We can also use it to create sound for film or animation, create a podcast, or remix popular songs.

Everyone, however it is best suited for teenagers and adults who have their own computer.

What do I need? 

Please hold off on buying anything until you have contacted us, as we will help you make the right choices for your budget and needs.

  • Computer – Apple is the industry standard
  • Software – There are many, all of which we can discuss together.  A few examples are:  GarageBand, Logic Pro X, ProTools, Ableton Live
  • Microphone – A microphone is necessary if you wish to record anything live
  • Audio Interface – This is a ‘recording console in a box’ that is used to plug microphones and speakers into your computer

 Why should I learn this?

  • If you play an instrument, you can record yourself and add other instruments easily
  • You can produce popular music such as hip-hop, electronic music (EDM), pop music, or any other genre
  • You can create sound for film, animation, etc.
  • It is incredibly useful for any musician

Who is this for?

  • Musicians – Record yourself and others as well as record instruments you don’t even play
  • Songwriters- Gives you all the tools to create a band by yourself
  • Video – Allows you to create the music or sound effects for your videos
  • Studio Engineers – Gives you the tools to be able to run music studio or live show
  • Podcasters – Everything you need to know to record, edit, and produce a podcast




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