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Learn Faster When It’s Fun

Rivendell Music Academy

is the place for fun and engaging music lessons in the greater Santa Cruz area. With years of experience, we have developed a unique teaching style that caters to each student in order to get the most out of every lesson. We currently offer all classes online, and they are just as enjoyable and focused as ever.

We specialize in Piano, Guitar, Vocals, and Recording Arts in addition to developing a comprehensive musical foundation that will have your child engaging with music everyday, at home, school, at the store. Your child will love to play music for the rest of your life with the right teacher. More than anyone else, we know how to have fun! Simply put, we create musical minds.

And the best part?

We LOVE to teach.

“It is all about having fun and learning along the way”

-Dylan Sheehan

Dylan Sheehan

From the moment I picked up a guitar I fell in love and I still am in love with learning! I am a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in guitar, piano, vocals, and digital music production.

After playing in bands for a decade, touring the world, making records, and graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Music – Ethnomusicology, I started teaching children from ages 3+.

I fell in love with teaching and never looked back. I now have close to 10 years of teaching experience, and nearly 20 years of performance experience.

I have experience working with all ages, all experience levels, people with social, emotional, and learning differences, and we ALWAYS have fun!

My mission is to make learning fun so music becomes a lifelong hobby and not a chore!




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